't gezelligste dahliafeest van Brabant
8 september 2019


Welcome at the Flower parade Valkenswaard

Every year, on the second Sunday of September, the “Stichting Bloemencorso Valkenswaard” (Foundation Flower parade Valkenswaard) organizes the annual Flower Parade. This parade consists of 14 wonderful floats covered with dahlias. These large floats are 12 meters long, by 4,5 meters wide, by 6 meters high (= 40 feet x 16 feet x 20 feet). Together with several music bands, the floats make up a feast for the eyes and ears within the streets of Valkenswaard, performed in front of more than 30.000 spectators. The yearly revised theme of the Flower parade is being acted out by the wagons and all the acts around them, in a combination of street show and music theater. The flower floats are being built by people of all ages in 14 neighborhoods of Valkenswaard.

By the middle of June large flower parade tents arise in the village where the floats are being built, and where everyone can give support. Several hundred people are working on the wagons and on the cultivation of the dahlia’s. In the last 3 days before the parade the dahlia’s will be assembled into the wagons, in total 2,5 million flowers, which will be affixed to the wagons with nails. The 2nd Sunday of September early in the morning, the local homemade floats will leave the tents and proceed along the route in the center of Valkenswaard. The Flower Parade is the largest socio-cultural event of Valkenswaard.

Several stands can be found along the route. All round the route activities are set-up for those young and old. These activities will start at 12.00, continuing during the parade and switching to the Dahlia After Party, arranged by the catering of “Statie” and “Markt”. At this party, several bands will perform. The activities offer the opportunity for everyone to enjoy a Sunday of Flower Parade in the dazzling and welcoming village of Valkenswaard. Each year you can enjoy new activities, however the kids will have some of their favorite ones, such as the climbing wall, carousel and other entertainment for children. In addition, all round the route you will see street shows and performances of clowns, with or without balloons, as well as other artists.

Advance sales of tickets to the Flower Parade Valkenswaard will start mid August in the tents, at a cost of € 6,50 each. At the 2nd Sunday of September the tickets will be: € 8,00. Standing tickets will be an additional € 7,50. The actual parade will start at 14.00 hr at the Market place in Valkenswaard and will go around the route twice.

Visit the Flower parade in Valkenswaard, always held the 2nd Sunday of September!

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